Type 1 to Type 2 (7kW) EV Charging Adapter

$149 $220

I want to charge my “Type 2” car from a charging station with a tethered “Type 1” lead.


Allows an EV or PHEV with a Type 2 port to charge from all Type 1 charging stations. Rated at 32A. 

Networks cable useful on (due to chargers with type 1 outlets):

  • ChargePoint Network
  • RACV Network

    The Type 1 (J1772) to Type 2 (62196-2) adapter allows you to charge your Type 2 car (eg Tesla, Hyundai, Renault, Jaguar, Nissan) from any J1772 charging station.  It's rated for 32A charging and has been tested in Australia using our own EVs.

    The length of this adapter is approximately 1 metre overall.

    If you are unsure of whether you need a cable like this, please contact us.

    Please note that whilst adapters like these are internally safe, they are not recognised by Australian standards and risks associated with its use will be borne by the user.

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