Standard Install Terms and Conditions
Standard Installation:
- Installation of a 7.2KW / 32 AMP Single Phase EV Wall Charger. (Maximum Demand/Current setting to be determined on site).
- Dedicated circuit approximately 20 Meters of wall/ceiling mounted cable. (Inc, PVC surface mount conduit) (No more than 400mm of Flexible PVC Conduit in Visible Locations).
- Isolation switch mounted readily accessible to the EV Wall Charger.
- All associated electrical containment and hardware fixings for the installation.
- Installation of electrical circuit protection in switchboard.
- Installation of Type A RCD at origin of the circuit. Type A RCD’s protect against residual DC Current. (As per AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installation Wiring Rules).
- Three phase installations will incur additional charge to cover cost of the required parts.

A standard installation does not involve:
- Any electrical remedial works to meet current wiring regulations
- Any groundworks or other civil works
- Any underfloor work (other than easy under house access)
- Any hidden or structural location not in the ordinary course of installation
- Work over multi storeys house
- Switchboard upgrades or three phase power upgrades
- Installation of an EV charger in an apartment building
For any installation that does not fall within the standard install guidelines, JET Charge will provide the customer with any additional costs.

Charger is dispatched ahead of installation works and is coordinated once the unit arrives on site.

For more information please see our Home Installation Guide

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