Standard Type 2 EV Charging Cable - 11kW

$169 $270

11kW EV Charging Cable for public charging. 

Capable of up to 16 Amps on either single or three-phase charging connections (3.6kW~11kW respectively), this Type 2 EV Charging Cable allows you to charge most modern EVs at their maximum rate via AC power only.

This cable is perfect for those that have a good understanding of their maximum power requirements which also results in the benefit of an easier to handle lightweight solution.

NOTE: As this cable operates at 16A, when connected to a single-phase charger this will result in a maximum charge speed of 3.6kW - this is expected behaviour  

Public charging cables are not extension cables and will not work if connected to a tethered charger, the intended use is for socketed 'universal chargers'

This charging cable acts as the connector between your EV and Type 2 socket charging stations and is compatible with all Type 2 public charging networks. Simply plug the smaller end into the charging station and the larger end into your EV.

This cable is suited for 3-phase charging. Connecting to a 3-phase charging station with this cable will provide your EV with the fastest charge rate available. Connecting at a single-phase charging station will reduce the charge rate, so please make sure you use this cable at 3-phase charging stations if you want to achieve the fastest charge!

  • Allows most 3-phase capable EVs to charge at their maximum rate via AC power @ 11kW, e.g; Telsa Model 3/Y, Porsche Taycan with 11kW onboard AC charging.
  • Recommend for 3-phase use, but will work at reduced rate on single phase power connections.
  • Rated at 16A 3-Phase (11kW) or 16A single phase (3.6kW)
  • Optional Test and Tagging for commercial environments 
  • Capable of providing up to; 80km per hour of charge (three-phase) or 30km per hour of charge (single phase) - depending on vehicle
  • 4 Metre length
  • 2 year warranty covering workmanship only - external damage and rough use is not covered.

If you're not sure about anything or have further questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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