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Magnetic Phone Holder


There's a GIANT screen in the Tesla Model S.  It's big.  It's awesome.

But you know what else is awesome?  Your smartphone.  You look at it a lot.  But you're not allowed to play with it while you're driving, so you need it front and centre (or maybe left and a little down).

You also don't want a crappy mobile phone holder that sticks on to your windscreen.  They leave marks, fall off and generally belong in an ICE, not your pretty Model S.

So this is what we've come up with - LOOK at it.  Don't you think it just BELONGS in the Model S?  It's amazing.

Our magnetic Car Mount Kit allows secure attachment for any mobile device, with or without a rigid case, to your Model S dash.

The Magnetic Phone Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon centre to provide a strong grip and smooth glide. It's safe for all phones.

The high bond stickers are very strong, but if you need to remove it from the dash or phone, just slide something between the two surfaces to release the bond (ideally something plastic and flat).

Each kit includes one Magnetic Phone Socket, one Ball Mount, an alcohol prep pad, 3M primer, spare  3M VHB (Very High Bond) sticky pads and installation instructions.

You know what else is cool?  You can spin your phone and position it anyway you like.  Plus, it'll stick to any magnetic surface, so if you're at the gym, just stick it to the treadmill or ab machine!  Pop it on your fridge when you get home, it'll never be lost again!  Finally, if you're a 'fiddler', the silicon center on the mount (the bit that sticks to the back of your phone) is all squashy, and the perfect shape for you to poke your thumb into....we know that sounds weird, but you'll understand when you get it :-)

We've tested this in a Model S, and it rocks.  If you've been wondering where to put your phone, here's the answer!  Plus you will not find a cheaper price.


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