Charging in public

Plug Types and charging networks

Seriously, what's with the plugs? We understand all the different plug types may be confusing and sometimes can be frustrating when we're trying to figure out the compatibility of each cable with different charging networks. Thankfully, Australia has finally come to a standardised plug type for all car manufacturers and public charging infrastructure - Type 2 plug and Type 2 socket. However, older charging stations might still have Type 1 tethered cables, and you will need a different lead to charge from it. Worry not, we have categorised them all to save you from all the trouble, simply match your EV plug type to the different scenario below and you're good to go!

Type 2 socket

As Type 2 socket is now the Australian standard for public charging stations, it is highly recommended to keep a lead in your car. See below for the appropriate leads for your EV. 

Type 1 Tethered

Some of the older charging stations may still be equipped with Type 1 tethered lead. To charge from these, you may need a different lead or an adapter depending on your EV. 

Charge from type 1 tethered

charging from a general purpose outlet (GPO)

When there isn't a charging station nearby, you can still charge from a public power socket. Portable chargers are a good unit to be kept in the car for this purpose.