Charging at home or apartment

portable charger or home unit?

As there are different options to charge your EV at home, it is easy to get confused to which charging method is the best for your car's battery size. If you drive a PHEV, a portable charger will be good enough as the smaller battery size usually won't require a home unit with a fast charge rate. Furthermore, most car brands would have included a portable charging unit that comes with the car. However for full battery EVs, a home unit is almost mandatory and highly recommended for charging at home.

Portable Charger

The simplest method of charging (also the slowest), Portable chargers allow you to charge from any general purpose outlet (GPO) that you can easily find in your homes. This method of charging provides approximately 10km of range per hour of charge, at a charging rate of 2.4kW. It is suitable for Plug-in Hybrids or emergency charging for Battery EVs. 

Home unit

By installing a dedicated home charging unit, you will be able to charge your electric vehicle up to 3x faster than a normal GPO. A typical charging rate of a home unit is 7.2kW, providing approximately 30km of range per hour of charge. All battery EVs should install a home charging unit to ensure a full charge overnight as they have a bigger battery size as compared to Plug-in Hybrids.