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Tesla Model S EV Hooks (Pack of 2)


Comes in a pack of 2.

EV Hooks has created a sleek, functional hook for the Tesla Model S. The hook is designed to hang coats and other garments either using a hanger or the loop attached to the garment.

The T Hook, available in silver or black, is made from high grade anodized aluminum to ensure optimal strength and maintain a slim profile that blends in well with the vehicle decor and selected headliner. 
The T Hook is designed to seamlessly fit with the headliner of the Tesla Model S and allow owners to hang their coats, shirts and other garments. 

The T Hook is made from high grade aluminum to ensure optimal strength and maintain a slim profile that blends in well with the vehicle decor. Each order comes with two (2) hooks.

Design & Material:

Anodized aluminum finish with smooth edges and fits flush with the interior of the Model S. Designed to match the aluminum accents in the vehicle. Available in either silver or black.


1/2 inch hanging area which provides enough space for multiple hangers. 

Use and Loading: 

Designed to distribute hanging load evenly across headliner. Maximum load is approximately 6 lbs (2.5 kg) per hook. 


Slide over ridge of the alcantara headliner in desired location in the back seat. No screws or pins necessary. Installation video coming soon. *Model S must be equipped with the all glass panoramic sunroof in order to hang the T Hook* 



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