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Type 2 (22kW) Heavy Duty EV Charging Cable (Tested & Tagged)

$247.50 $275

I want to charge my “Type 2” car from a charging station with a “Type 2” socket.


If you've ever seen a charging station with a socket rather than a cable coming out of it, then this is the cable you need to get to connect to it.  Think of it as your car's personal connection to the "grid", no matter where you go.

Capable of 32A/22kW 3-Phase charging, the Type 2 EV Charging Cable allows you to charge your vehicle at the maximum charge rate available.

NOTE: Public charging cables are not extension cables and will not work if connected to a tethered charger, the intended use is for socketed 'universal chargers'

This cable is compatible with all EVs in the Australian market with a Type 2 charge port.

Connects an EV or PHEV with a Type 2 port to a charger with a Type 2 socket. Rated 32A 3 phase.

Click here if you're after our charging cable specific to the Tesla Model 3!

You can also click through to our Hyundai Kona EV specific charging cable

Networks cable will be useful on (due to chargers with type 2 sockets):

  • Chargefox Network
  • ActewAGL Network
  • Queensland Electric Super Highway
  • RAC Electric Highway
  • City of Adelaide Charging Network
  • Jaguar Land Rover Dealer Network
  • Mirvac Shopping Centre Network
  • 151 Property Shopping Centre Network
  • Waverley, Woolhara and Randwick Council network
  • Synergy Charging Network
  • name few examples

The smaller end is plugged into the charging station, and the larger end is plugged into the car.

Advice on what length to purchase:

  • 3 Metres: Excellent for cars that are plugging into bay specific charge meaning distance is not an issue, in most cases, this also means the cable doesn't touch the ground.
  • 5 Metres: For cars where the charge port is on the front "grill" or on the back of the vehicle, where you can achieve a short distance between the location of the charge port and the charging station.  Vehicles include: Hyundai Kona EV, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe
  • 7 Metres: For cars where the charge port is on the side of the vehicle, and there is potentially a longer distance between the location of the charge port and the charging station.  Vehicles include: Tesla, Jaguar I-PACE, Hyundai Ioniq EV, BMW i3
  • 10 Meters: Suited to extreme scenarios where the distance to chargers is restrictive. If you can't charge with this length we want to hear from you :))

If you are unsure of whether you need a cable like this, please contact us.

All of JET Charge's cables are tested and tagged prior to shipping by our in-house technicians.



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